The Invasion of Movie-Themed Online Casino Games

Film lovers have for years enjoyed watching movies set in Las Vegas, featuring the bright city lights, and of course, dazzling casino games. Here are some of the best movies shot in Las Vegas. Ocean’s Eleven This 1960 flick is the original Rat Pack film featuring an ensemble cast: Frank, Sammy, Dino, Joey come together with their compelling coconspirators. Alongside Shirley MacLaine and Angie Dickinson, these eleven paratroopers come together to rob five Las Vegas casino in a single night carrying their found “treasure” in garbage trucks. The movie exudes a relaxed, hangover feel, but it still preserves the 1960 Vegas oldies – the old Riviera hotels and the Flamingo. Leaving Las Vegas This film features Ben Sanderson, played by Nicolas Cage, an established Hollywood scriptwriter who loses all he owned and relished due to his drinking habits. Having lost all hopes, Ben elects to commit suicide, and he chooses to end his life in Vegas. While in Vegas, he meets Sera (Elizabeth Shue), a prostitute who has also lost her essence in life. Sera moves in with Ben, under the conditions that she shouldn’t push him to relinquish his suicidal thoughts. It’s full of suspense, comedy, and drama as these two souls walk side by side. The Trending Online Gambling Scenes in Movies Gambling has become a popular activity in the contemporary gaming world, both landbased and online. And we’ve watched many movies with compelling gambling scenes. On the other hand, online casinos come up with new, and exciting games to lure their audience. They do that by incorporating movie-themed games as part of their games list. A lot of online casino games are created by software developers, and this trend of offering casino games that feature themes from readers’ favorite movies provides great prospects. Movie casino games require a license. That means that a software provider requires to meet the trademark issues and liaison with the movie developers before coming up with a movie-themed casino game. Some movies featured in online games include The Mummy, Tomb Raider, Robocop among others.