Poker Themed Movies vs. Online Poker

Of the many casino games that have been around for the past several centuries, poker is among them. And while many individuals have tried their luck in all other casino games, poker seems to be the one that avails an environment suitable for communication. This is probably why several movies have been produced that have poker as their central theme. Some of the legendary poker-themed movies that have graced the cinema screens include Casino Royale, Rounders, Maverick, Molly’s Game, and the Gambler. Each of these movies had a different aspect that they brought to the entertainment scene; action is what the movies all had in common. In as much as the poker game is played live, we see a lot of similarities between this version and in the online poker game. For instance, both games use cards as their primary tools of gaming. The croupier and the participants are also other common factors that are observed in both variations. The rules that each option provides are similar considering that most poker rules for all its variants are generic, even though they vary slightly. However, it is good to note that other aspects differ in both games. These include the platform. One is a virtual gaming option while the other is a live gaming option. The interaction is also another aspect that is different considering that gamers in the movie casino converse and have a chance to observe the reactions of their opponents. In online gaming, however, players depend on live CCTV feeds for them to gauge the body language. This can usually be misleading especially in cases where the cameras are not of high quality. Tournaments are faster and have better payment options in the online version as compared to the real casino ones that are standard. The online gaming version reduces the need to keep on moving from one place to another in search of a good casino, now that these virtual sites are easily accessible on the internet.