Bones Squinterns Unite

They’ve been a rotating presence on Fox’s Bones since the beginning, but for the first time, an episode will feature nearly all the Jeffersonian squinterns working together. Among those confirmed: Edison, Vaziri, Fisher, Abernathy and Bray. (Scheduling conflicts prevent Carla Gallo’s Daisy from appearing).

What brings them together? “It’s a challenge from Brennan that takes a dark, twisted turn and leads to a really intense case,” teases T.J. Thyne (Hodgins).

John Francis Daley (Sweets) is particularly excited. “Each of them is a different personality type, so to see them all working together will be interesting,” he says. Also look for a comedic episode that finds Sweets helping Booth solve a crime in the world of stand-up comedy. “Sweets has the chance to show Booth his comedic chops,” says John.

Meanwhile Angela will be returning to the art world where she develops a “cerebral attraction” with an art dealer, says her portrayer, Michaela Conlin.


One Response to “Bones Squinterns Unite”

  1. sarah says:

    I’m really curious to watch the episode with all the squinterns.