Bones may have more episodes for season 7

I am glad to see it seems they are really working with the cast to schedule the most they can and loving to see they want to keep it going!

“There are episodes that haven’t been programmed yet that will either move into next season if we go forward or play into the summer,” Reilly said. “But we don’t have 22 on the schedule but we ordered 22. We need to do a new deal with BONES for next season if we’re going to keep it going. I’d like to keep it going.”
However, when I pointed out last we heard there would only be 17 episodes, he slightly amended his statement.
“We programmed 17, but we ordered 22 for the season,” he told me. “Well, let me clarify that — we ordered as many as they could produce with Emily, so if they can produce 22 when she comes back, that’s what we’ll make. You are accurate about that. We ordered, ultimately, it ended up being 17 because that was all she could do. But if she comes back, they may ultimately end up making 22.”
So…there’s that.


One Response to “Bones may have more episodes for season 7”

  1. sarah says:

    The article is a little confusing but that would be really good news if we had 22 episodes this year. Even better if a deal could be made to get a season 8 as well (as per Reilly too).